Fees (Massachusetts only)

The fees below apply only to visits in the Massachusetts office.  Fees will vary in the Vermont office.

Initial office visit:  $225 (usually 60-75 minutes)

Return office visit – 45 minutes: $140

Brief office visit –  25 minutes: $85

Short office visit or phone call – 15 minutes: $50

Quick phone call – 10 minutes: $35

Physical Medicine (craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation):  $75 for 25 minutes

Visits are billed based on time, and visits that run over will be billed at the next higher rate, within reason.

For visits that require insurance billing (currently available only in Vermont), fees are based on the complexity of the visit.  If you ask us to bill insurance and the claim is rejected for lack of coverage, the fee will be based on the insurance allowed amount. It is your responsibility to understand your insurance benefits and plan such that if a claim is denied due to lack of coverage, the bill becomes your responsibility.

Please give at least 24 hours notice of any cancellations. Less than this will result in a $50 late cancellation fee. Failure to give any notice will incur the full cost of the visit.

Finances should not be the obstacle between you and the care you need. If your primary concern is financial, please request information regarding the “Full Circle Clinic.”

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