Infant Feeding

New parents hear all sorts of opinions about how to introduce their babies to solid foods. Starting solid food is a big step for a baby.  This page is meant to go along with the information Dr. Tomsovic presents regularly on this topic.    Interested, but too far away to make the live lecture? Webinar coming soon!

Below are links to different feeding options, from convention to traditional.

Please note:  The links below are intended only as resources for families to research options.  The appearance of any particular link here does not constitute medical advice.  Please attend the live workshop and/or consult with your family doctor for more information.

ConventionalAmerican Academy of Pediatrics

Weston A. Price Foundation’s articles Nourishing a Growing Baby  and Feeding Babies

I take the WAPF view of grains with an, er, grain of salt. To learn more about that, read this Nutritional biologist and mom’s take on infants’ ability to digest starch.

If you are looking for a list of foods high in a particular nutrient (especially iron and zinc, which older infants particularly need), you may find this tool useful.

You may be interested to learn about Baby-Led Weaning as well.  You can incorporate most of the above options into a BLW lifestyle.  Please diligently research how to do this safely before you start. Done wrong, BLW can increase risk for aspiration and choking.  It is worth noting that BLW was named in Britain where weaning refers to introducing solid foods rather than stopping nursing.

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